THPS DCCU programme

MCL awarded £11.2 million MOD contract to supplyTactical Hearing Protection systems to the UK MOD

MCL and its partner INVISIO will supply the winning S10 Hearing
Protection capability and full support package. The S10 will deploy across
the Army, Royal Navy, RAF and Reservists.


Black Hornet

The six inch spy in the sky

Soldiers can pilot directly or program it to fly to a given set of co-ordinates on the battlefield using GPS, then return to base after spying on enemy positions.

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Tactical In-Ear Protection Plugs

TIPPS are a new generation of passive hearing protection for use in both continuous and impulse noise environments.

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Man Portable Signals Intelligence

Innovative RF intercept and Direction Finding (DF) processing capabilities. Low power, lightweight, ruggedized, modular, scalable, and reliable system that satisfies multi-role mission requirements.

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Tactical Aerial Intelligence in your Hands

SkyRanger is a lightweight, man-packable micro aerial vehicle designed to capture and transmit high quality images and video.
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Welcome to

Marlborough Communications Limited

Marlborough Communications Limited (MCL) was formed at Marlborough House, Epsom, Surrey in 1980. The company moved to Dovenby Hall in 1983. Dovenby a then derilict manor house was restored and extended to provide office and manufacturing space available today.
MCL began by providing equipment to the Royal Navy and has since grown its expertise and capabilitiy offerings to what it is today. MCL has expertise in design and manufacturing, product and in the field support and training. We offer a range of capabilities in the following areas Tactical C4IS, C4ISTAR and Power Solutions.
MCL are an agile and adaptive company with a range of specialist UK end users, including the MOD and other government departments. We have a long history of working alongside our customers to develop customised communications and electronic solutions.

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