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An Industry-leading, man portable, VTOL solution for all-weather, day and night operations

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SkyRanger is the next-generation sUAS from Aeryon Labs that builds upon the leading capabilities of the SCOUT, providing increased flight time, dual EO/IR payload, HD video and extended flight range.  Using a touchscreen flight control interface and proven autonomous flight control software, ensures reliable flight performance in harsh and dynamic environments.


Tech Spec
SkyRanger sUAS
Operational Range
Up to 5km
Operational Endurance
Up to 50 minutes
Wind Tolerance
Gusts up to 90 Kph
Payload Options
Stabilised, Dual EO/IR High Resolution Camera, Custom Payloads
Operational Altitude
1500m (4,921 ft) AGL, 4500m (14,764 ft) MSL
2.4 Kg (w/o payload)