Unmanned Systems

Among the primary sources of ISR capability is the ability to support the Commander’s Information Requirements with the use of Unmanned Air Systems equipped with FMV and other sensor payloads.

MCL is the leading provider in the UK of Nano and Micro UAV products configured with a broad range of capabilities designed for increased situational awareness depending on the mission or task required.  These products are ideal for both mainstream and specialist users who require an immediate dismounted situational awareness tool designed for pre-assault ISTAR or for those specialist patrols who require sustainment on extended patrols to complement other Theatre Reconnaissance and Surveillance assets across a range of military operations.

MCL and our recognised industry leaders in RF signal exploitation and geolocation development, offer a variety of COMINT and ELINT system capabilities for a wide range of Unmanned Air Systems (UAS).

Note: Product listings on this website are not exhaustive, if you are searching for a capability that is not listed please contact MCL.