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CS-3600 Tactical Surveillance System

Provides real-time tactical threat warning and situational awareness for use on multiple, small platform types

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The CS-3600 Tactical Surveillance System (TSS) is highly integrated, providing instantaneous 2 - 18 GHz freqeuncy coverage and 360 degree instantaneous direction finding coverage in a compact form factor. 

Tech Spec
CS03600 Tactical Surveillance System Specifications
Frequency Coverage
2 - 18 GHz optional extension
RF Filtering
Sub-octave band filtering
Frequency Accuracy
Navigation Data
Includes GPS and digital compass for ship and ground systems
Emitter type library
10,000 emitter modes
1 PPS input
SMA female
Receiver: 40 lbs, Antenna: 35 lbs
110 - 220 VAC, 50 - 400 Hz, < 400 Watts, + 28 VDC TBD Watts
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