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MCBA-150 HF Broadband Antenna, 150W

The MCBA-150 HF Broadband Antenna is a rugged, transportable, broadband dipole inverted V antenna that is ideal for all HF skywave communications from NVIS to 2500km.

For use with all legacy and current radios, including BOWMAN, the MCBA-20 delivers greater flexibility when using Automatic Link Establishment (ALE) and Frequency Hopping (FH) waveforms. The antenna can be deployed by one person within 3 minutes, and is designed for use with Marlborough Communications Limited’s MCRM-3 Roll-up Mast Kit.

Compact and lightweight, the MCBA-150 is particularly suited to rapid deployment for patrol and mobile units. It is currently in service with a number of regular and specialist users in the British Army and other NATO countries.

Tech Spec
MCBA-150 HF Broadband Antenna, 150W
NVIS & Long
Ultra Lightweight
Fast & Simple
Not Required
Power Handling
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