25 February 2016

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Marlborough Communications Ltd. (MCL), a Cohort plc company, today announces it has enabled the UK MOD to declare the In-Service Date (ISD) for the Tactical Hearing Protection Systems for the Dismounted Close Combat User (‘THPS DCCU’) three months ahead of schedule.

MCL and its partner INVISIO Communications AB  have worked closely with the UK MOD, Soldier, Training and Special Projects IPT at Abbey Wood to ensure the THPS DCCU program gets off to a great start enabling key milestones to be achieved early and setting a president for future deliveries over the life of the THPS program as well as other programs we are involved with. MCL and INVISIO are focused on ensuring Soldiers take delivery of this new capability as soon as possible, recognising the health and safety benefits to all soldiers who are required to adopt it.  

This initial order placed in July 2015 will see the S10 deployed across the Army. Further orders are expected to support the Royal Navy, RAF and Reservists. The contract has been awarded for four years, with the option to extend it for a further three years.

The S10 THPS DCCU capability is an in-ear hearing protection and communication system for use on a single radio and consists of an in-ear hearing protection headset with control unit housing the electronics for situational awareness and impulse noise protection.

The system, which was developed in partnership with INVISIO Communications AB, MCL’s partner based in Denmark, offers the following:

• Increased mission success due to improved communication: The S10 separates radio communication and situational awareness to enable unimpeded situational awareness in both ears even when transmitting and receiving radio traffic.
• Prevention of hearing damage due to improved hearing protection: The S10 provides certified hearing protection rated at SNR 32 dB and NRR 29 dB to meet both EU regulations and the needs of soldiers in high noise environments.

• Reducing the burden: The S10 is small and light weight and no human interface is required once fitted (fit and forget) thus minimising cognitive burden.

• Trusted fit and comfort: The S10 in-ear headset offers unsurpassed comfort achieved by many years of mechanical design engineering and experience. The headset is customisable and incorporates an adjustable cable retainer and ‘soft spring’ in three sizes to achieve a comfortable fit and retention in the ear even in the most demanding environments.

• Crystal clear communications:  Instead of traditional sound wave technology, the patented INVISIO Bone Conduction Technology uses a small and comfortable in-ear microphone that picks up vibrations from the user’s jawbone. The vibrations are converted into sound, delivering crystal clear communication under extreme conditions, even when whispering.

• Enhanced situational awareness (SA):  The S10 provides unrivalled SA in three selectable modes to ensure the soldier can communicate effectively no matter what the noise environment. Natural hearing modes is equivalent to the human natural hearing and enables face to face communications, Comfort mode reduces the ambient sound level in high noise environments such as in tracked vehicles or on air platforms this mode makes travelling in vehicles less noise intensive. Enhanced mode is effective when operating in the dark to provide greater sound awareness of immediate surroundings.

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