Join MCL at DSEI on stand S7-240

04 Sep 2015

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MCL’s Key Areas of focus for DSEI will include:

Hearing Protection

MCL will be promoting its range of Hearing Protection products and services to both military and government agencies within the UK and overseas. Particular areas of focus will be:

  • TIPPS (Tactical In-Ear Protection Plugs) - Dual mode passive ear plugs. The Hearing protection of choice for UK MOD
  • INVISIO S10 Tactical Hearing Protection System for the Dismounted Close Combat User (THPS DCCU). The Hearing protection choice for the UK MOD
  •  VAHP - Vented Aviation hearing protection for Pilots and Aircrew.
  • INVISIO Specialist Users V60 In-ear situational awareness, hearing protection and connection of multiple communication sources.

Electronic Warfare

MCL will be promoting its range of Electronic Surveillance systems (ELINT & COMINT) to both military and government departments. Particular areas of focus will include:

  • Communication Electronic Support Measures (CESM) - MCL has successfully brought into service and is currently supporting complex electronic surveillance systems on the Astute Class submarines and a number of service vessels.
  • Lightweight Electronic Surveillance capability (LWESC) - MCL is currently providing a LWESC capability and support to the UK MOD through a number of contract wins for the L3-Linkabit PRD-13(V)3. The system allows mission commanders to quickly search large segments of the radio frequency spectrum, providing increased situational awareness and improved signals intelligence (SIGINT) to operators.

 Unmanned Air Systems (UAS)

MCL currently supply a range of Nano and Micro Unmanned Air Systems (US) to the UK MOD and Government Agencies. Particular area of focus will include:

  • Nano UAS - MCL currently supply and support the PD100 Black Hornet Unmanned Air System to the UK MOD and government agencies. Black Hornet is a combat-proven personal reconnaissance system designed for covert ISR tasks. Inherently safe and truly organic, it affords immediate, time-sensitive information to cover teams.
  • Micro UAS - MCL has a number of Micro UAS systems including the Aeryon SKYRANGER UAS.SkyRanger has a flight time of 50 minutes, dual EO/IR payload, HD video and a 5Km flight range. It operates via a touch screen flight control interface and the proven autonomous flight control software, ensures reliable flight performance in harsh and dynamic environments.

We look forward to seeing you

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