Continued success for INVISIO in the U.S

INVISIO receives a third follow-up order from the U.S. Army

27 Aug 2014

INVISIO has through its American partner TEA Headsets again received a follow-up order on communication and hearing protection systems from the American military program TCAPS. The order is already the third from TCAPS in 2014 and is this time worth SEK 41.6 million.

With the order of SEK 41.6 million, INVISIO has up to today received orders from the American military program TCAPS to a total value of SEK 81.6 million during 2014. INVISIO received the first order from TCAPS in October 2013, which was worth SEK 40 million. The first follow-up order of SEK 20 million was received in March 2014 and the second follow-up order of SEK 20 million in June 2014.

The military program TCAPS, Tactical Communication and Protective System, is managed by the organization PEO Soldier within the U.S. Army. The purpose of TCAPS is to provide hearing protection and auditory situational awareness devices to soldiers, to increase hearing readiness and reduce hearing damage in high noise and extreme conditions. Within TCAPS, extensive testing and evaluation of communications and hearing protection solutions has been conducted. Today, the INVISIO solution is approved for use.

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