Strong Growth and Continued Profitability for INVISIO

27 Aug 2014

INVISIO today published its report for the second quarter of 2014. Revenue is up substantially while the company is profitable.

Several important orders from US military program TCAPS and others contribute to the fast growth.

Revenue for the period is up by 278 percent to SEK 46,9 million (12,4) while results were SEK 4,2 million, an improvement of SEK 11 million from minus SEK 6,8 million.

"I'm pleased to announce that we continue to grow and be profitable. For the first six months we can show revenue of 91.0 Million SEK and a profit of MSEK 9,3.  The revenue for the first half of 2014 exceeds revenue for 2013. We expect a continued good order flow and continued profitability for the rest of 2014, says CEO Lars Højgård Hansen.

Important Events April — June 

  • Received a second order of SEK 20 million through the American partner TEA Headsets from the American military program TCAPS on complete communications and hearing protection systems.
  • Received an order of SEK 21,0 million from a NATO country on the communications system INVISIO V60.
  • Received an order of SEK 7,0 million from a military client in a Nordic country on headsets, control units and add-on equipment.
  • INVISIO's management have purchased a total of 470 000 shares in the Company.
  • Outgoing backlog amounted per June 30th to SEK 48,7 million.
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