MCL are proud to be representing Ringtail Design Inc

Ringtail works to create simple and powerful software solutions to complex problems.

14 Oct 2013

Ringtail has extensive experience in developing software and user interface (UI) solutions for Government customers, including Desktop, Web, Handheld and Multi-Touch solutions for intelligence collection, analysis and reporting.

Ringtail Design specializes in developing quick reaction, prototype, and operational systems with a focus on user- centered design, data visualization, human factors and UI design. Ringtail Design currently supports multiple US Military customers in developing powerful and simple intelligence solutions leveraging cutting edge technologies such as mobile, multi-touch and cloud based visualization.

The Replay Application Framework (Replay) is a software toolkit for developing custom, multi-touch, applications. Replay provides enhanced situational awareness though visual fusion - displaying data from numerous sources and simultaneously re-playing those reports & events in time on an intuitive multi-touch screen. Replay’s intuitive touch interface provides a play/pause and rewind/review capability similar to a Digital Video Recorder (DVR) allowing rapid geo-temporal trend analysis. Replay can provide a real time, unified vision of the battle space including BFT, SIGACTs, SIGINT, Audio transcriptions, and FMV to support live mission monitoring and historical analysis of geo-temporal data. Replay fuses intelligence from disparate systems to allow collaborative, multi-user data exploration in a common geospatial representation to determine contextual significance and drive more informed decisions.

As a software toolkit, Replay is capable of supporting a variety of different missions sets by adding and removing software modules, called ‘Apps’ or ‘Plug-Ins’. Many different Plug-Ins have been developed over the past 2 years in support of Ops / Intel Convergence, Situational Awareness, AAR & Lessons Learned, ISR Mission Management & C2, Real Time Data Analysis, Multi-Source Temporal Trend Analysis. Additional mission sets can be supported through the rapid development of additional Plug-Ins. Government organizations may use Replay’s core features as-is or work with integrators to customize Replay for other purposes. Industry partners and Integrators can extend Replay’s capabilities with new Apps for increased functionality or Plug-Ins to support the ingest of additional Multi-INT data feeds. The combination and compilation of specific Plug-Ins allows infinite configuration options for Replay.

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